The first of many post stim blood tests

So today was my first ultrasound and blood work since it started my stimulation injections. So three and a half days of drugs. I have a sheet from my nurse that informs me that actually this is day six that I am in the middle of. I don’t know why counting days becomes so confusing when you are dealing with reproduction. But I am obviously not the one making the rules.

I have been feeling bloated since Monday. It increases every day. My abdomen feels harder. I notice it most when I bend over. I tell my ultrasound tech. She seems a little surprised. I have been trying to not dwell on it because I went through a whole slue of symptoms when I thought I might be pregnant. It amazed me how I tricked my body when in reality I could never become pregnant naturally. 

So our ultrasound continues. Turns out that I am responding. I have 3 or 4 follicles on each ovary. So right now I am looking at 7 or 8 eggs. Great. This all seems like it is going well. The tech seems to think so too. I get my blood drawn and I am feeling pretty good. Now I just have to wait for my results. 

I get coffee with a friend, walk around, hang out, become exhausted. This whole process has made me tired. The anxiety from wondering whether the drugs are working, the testing, and having hormones coursing through my body. My optimism is a little tarnished now. I think it has something to do with the drugs and my nurse’s overly sympathetic tone. No matter what she tells you, there is always so much sympathy that you are not sure how to take it. Are things going well? Are telling me that I have days to live? It could be either. And I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought if I wasn’t all jacked up on hormones. 

The bare bones of today was, it is working, I have to add another injection to even them out (which was planned on my little sheet of paper) and up the dosage of one of my shots. And don’t spend too much time on the internet looking up follicle counts. Or anything for that matter. It just messes with you.


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