And so it begins….

I have had a total of five shots as of this morning. So far so good. The anxiety from the needle is much worse than the shot. That is a plus. My husband has been great about giving them. I think he feels a little helpless at this point and this is a way he can directly contribute. I am happy for the support and the help. 

So far I haven’t really had too many issues. Headaches, some cramping and bloating. I talked to my nurse this morning and she said things will start ramping up after my blood work and ultrasound tomorrow. The hormones will have had enough time to really start working. My dosage might be changed up a bit. We will have a better idea of what to expect. 

I was looking at my calendar today. This is all moving so fast now. After all the waiting and testing, we are in full swing. If all goes well, in about a week will be my retrieval and then a week after that hopefully they will have two lovely eggs to put back in.

Other than the headaches, I think the medicine has made me lethargic and a little apathetic. Neither of those are terrible. We will see how I feel after a few more days.


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