Holy crap

Holy crap. The last blog I wrote was in 2017. That’s crazy. Sooooo much had happened since then. It seems like a lifetime. Sometimes a very sad and confusing lifetime.   So, I had another baby. A little girl born in March of 2018. She’s almost a year old now! No problems with pregnancy. Same […]

What the cluck

So last week my dad showed up with about 24 hours notice. I have no idea why he does this. It drives me crazy. It is not a fun surprise. Especially when your house guest has no real plans and stays for six days. That is difficult for any house guest, let alone one you […]

Never ending yard work

Things been pretty uneventful lately. Busy but uneventful. I’ll be 13 weeks today.  We have been furiously working on finishing our backyard. We finally got the last section regraded. I had to fire one guy because he only showed up once after four weeks of no shows. He only worked for an hour and then […]


*edit I added some before pictures So I’ve talked about it garden/gardening project for months now. I figured I would share some pictures and talk more about. It has been a great way to deal with stress related to all things IF. Nothing makes me feel better than digging in the dirt. It relaxes me […]

A PSA about PIO

Did you know that there are two types of PIO? One uses sesame oil and the other is in ethyl oleate. Doesn’t seem like that should matter much but it does. My nurse switched me to the ethyl oleate because I was have itching at the injection site as well as my forearms and calves. […]

Slowing down

Just a warning, this post talks about pregnancy a bit.  I have a hard time slowing down. Especially when someone tells me to. I see it as a challenge. Or motivation. We have been re-landscaping or backyard for months now. I ripped out 1200sqft of junipers and we have been working on terracing the exposed […]

My big brother

So it has been a very busy couple of weeks. We went to Austin to visit my husband’s family. Just for the weekend. It was nice and relaxed. E had a devoted audience and he loved it. The plane rides went fine. It was only two hours and this kid loves planes.  When we got […]

Leavin’ on a jet plane

It is 6am and the house is quiet. The dog, the boy and the kid are all still asleep. I rather enjoy the quiet. I don’t get it often. I drink a cup of coffee and manage to drink the whole cup while it is hot. I have breakfast without someone trying to steal it. […]

Stranger things

So yesterday I had my first ultrasound, the official first step of the transfer cycle. I found it very nerve wracking but I always end up nervous the day of these types of appointments . The lead up is fine but something about actually going makes me panic. The tech was very nice and I […]

On my way home

As we slowly make our way home, I can see the bottom half of my face in the side rearview mirror. All I can think is, “God, I look like my mother.” I told my husband this a couple of weeks ago. He told me I was crazy and I didn’t look like her. Either […]