Houses, vomit and triggers

It has been awhile since I posted. We have been very busy. We’ve moved and are now trying to put our mark on our new home. We wanted a house we could fix and we certainly got one. The idea of a fixer upper has all of the optimism but none of the reality. We […]


We close on our house on Tuesday. I am/was so excited by this. Then we got the results. Those results last Tuesday sucked the joy out of my life. I was numb, I was angry, I was sad. And then I wasn’t. It took a couple of days but I turned my negative feelings into […]

What now?

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m so upset. And it will come at no surprise that my sister is to blame. I burnt my face the other day. That same day my sister has sent me text messages and fb messages. I had been ignoring her because I was still upset about […]

Pork fat and sewers

So yesterday as I was cooking dinner I managed to splash boiling pork fat and olive oil on my chest and face. Not my finest moment. My husband rushed home from work and we decided to go to urgent care. They cleaned up the burns and put ointment on them. 1st degree burns in my […]

All done

What a weekend. So my dad showed up in Friday. He was better than he had been right after E was born. Much more interactive but probably because you can’t ignore a toddler. He still spent most of the time on his phone, watching videos on Facebook. I had expected limited interaction and was prepared […]


So my dad has decided to move about two hours away from where I live. He’ll be in between my brother’s family and ours. I just found out he is coming and planning on staying with us yesterday. He’ll be arriving today. Surprise. I usually talk to him every six months or so.  I’ll explain […]

When is enough enough?

That is a good question. It is possible I don’t know my “enough” limit. Stubborn is a good descriptor. It is a trait that I can see in myself as far back as I can remember. It has caused pain and joy, maybe in equal measure. When do you know to stop because it is […]